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Part of the proceeds* from this collection go to Punt. vzw, a young organization and point of contact that is committed to helping victims of sexual abuse and sexual violence.

This collection is based on hope, growth and change. This applies to both the victims and our society.

I chose to support Punt. vzw with this collection, because the theme around which they work is close to my heart. Making sexually transgressive behavior a topic for discussion is necessary, both for me and for other victims, in order to be able to bloom and grow again.

*The retail price remains the same as with my previous collections. The support money that goes to Punt. vzw, will be tackled as follows: 0.50 euros per sold postcard is deposited, for a set of postcards (6 pieces) this is 3 euros. From each A4 poster, 1.5 euros goes to the non-profit organization, for the A3 posters this is 3 euros.