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Hi guys, I am Margaux. Thank you for being here!


I am from Belgium but my love for traveling makes me feel at home everywhere in the world. My passions go from drawing, photography, writing and long walks at the beach (or to the fridge) over cuddling up with my cat. Every now and then I try to measure my own powers with the strength of the sea on a surf session or bend myself in all kinds of yoga positions. Good food is what gets me out of bed and I strive daily to make this one more plant-based. We all need to give some more love to the beautiful planet that we are living on and I want to show you all the easy and fun ways to do this on my blog and social media. Welcome on my never boring journey through life!


Let me take you with me, beyond the clouds.


To faraway places and new tastes, on the yoga mat or in the ocean, through fragments of what’s going on in my head and what I am seeing with new eyes. Let me take you through my journey of finding my way in this constantly changing, colorful world. Be ready to get hungry for some vegan recipes, my creative outbursts and attempts at a sustainable zero/less waste lifestyle. Come and discover my hometown (Ghent, Belgium) or read about my other travels. Be ready to dream big and rise and grow and love yourself. Get inspired by my honest stories on how I got my mind(set) where it is today.


Let’s go and explore. Let’s go beyond the clouds.

Whatsapp: +32477 36 35 94

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